In response to what is going on in the world, we offer this perspective:


The safety measures and social distancing being practiced across the world, at their base level, are a global act of love.


Our solidarity and sacrifices are acts of defiance. When united, the agency we all possess will change the board on which this pandemic operates. COVID-19 struck hard in a world that was not prepared; but we will collectively shatter its advantage.


Though it may be imperfect, there will come a time to celebrate our victory. Until then, there is much to be done. Working together for our future, we charge you with this: strive to make choices out of love to care for yourself and others.


Right now, our focus is on the duty we have to ourselves and each other.


In that spirit, we will remain open to provide support in any way we can.


With grace and open hearts, we are with you,
The Cutting Edge Elite Team