Services from A to Z.

• Independent and efficient staff 

• Choice and preference on skills, person, and duties

• Photos and bios for familiarity

• Vetting for reliable and secure staff

• Client profiling for consistent repeat service


Professionals that generate the outreach and elevate a brand.

• Professional Models

• Trained ambassadors

• Organized and distributed product knowledge

• KPI tracking


Knowledgeable and integrated teams.

• Bar, floor, hosting, culinary, and Sanit expertise

• Trained, tested, and experienced staff

• Punctual and seamless deployments

• Leadership to command teams

• Support materials and communications

Disrupting industry norms with flawless efficiency.


The foundation of events and key to hosting an unparalleled experience is our staff.  We invest in training courses, development, and feedback to build the highly prized teams of our industry.  Our staff are regarded for their competence as well as their charisma and genuine commitment to service. At CEE we tap that power and deliver it to your event each and every time.


You have a partner:  before, during, and after every event.  Our office and field teams identify your needs throughout, communicate proactively, and independently resolve situations. Whether it’s your first time enjoying hosting an event or your life’s work, we’re there every step of the way to ensure you shine with a team that represents both you and your event.

Peace of Mind

We give you the peace of mind and focus to entertain, communicate, cater, and impress your guests.  CEE has you covered whether it is our staff leading the way on events or our office team that’s available 24/7.  With legal and employment liabilities growing each day, CEE has you covered as well.  Our workforce is 100% legally employed so you know all insurance, compliance, and legal issues are in order and our responsibility.  Our staff know they are taken care of as well so they can focus on you while working.

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